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What Causes Eczema? What are Eczema triggers?

What causes eczema and what are some common eczema triggers?

Some people may be born with an increased likelihood of developing eczema because of the genes they inherit from their parents. Others may develop eczema even though they have no family history of the condition.

Eczema is often known to develop alongside other conditions, such as asthma and hay fever, also known as allergic rhinitis. Asthma, atopic dermatitis (eczema), and allergic rhinitis make up the “3 A’s” - atopic diseases which often appear together in a person. They all involve some form of allergic reaction and immunoglobulin E antibody facilitated oversensitivity causing allergic inflammation.

In the case of eczema, the triggers vary from person to person. Often, people living with eczema report on things like stress and hormonal fluctuations sometimes triggering an outbreak. The following things found in people’s local environment may also cause a flare-up:

  • Humidity - Humidity refers to the concentration of water vapour in the air. Very dry air, or low moisture, can extract moisture from the skin and make eczema worse.

  • Temperature - Hot temperatures can also aggravate eczema. Heat causes sweating, and can make skin feel itchy and prickly.

  • Pollen Count - Pollen, a well documented trigger for allergic rhinitis, can also trigger a person’s eczema.

  • Air Pollution - Studies have shown that high exposure to air pollution at birth may be linked to developing eczema in adolescence.

At Eczamine, we believe in harnessing the power data can provide, and learning each person’s unique condition and their unique triggers in order to help predict their likelihood of experiencing a flareup. We take user inputted data, similar to the way millions of women track their periods, and take into account several different environmental factors before predicting your next flare-up.

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