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What lifestyle products should I use if I have eczema?

Eczema can be triggered by contact with many different substances, ranging from pollen to washing detergent.

This can be an additional hassle for people living with the condition, however there are a few approaches to daily products used that can help make life a little bit easier!

What’s the best washing detergent for eczema?

General consensus seems to be that non-biological detergents suit better than biological detergents. It's also important to buy products that don’t contain perfume or fragrance, as this can be irritating for the skin.

What shampoo and conditioner should I use for eczema?

Everybody’s eczema is different, so it’s important to find the right shampoo for you. Try using a gentle baby shampoo with no-fragrance. You could also try certain shampoos specifically made for people with dry skin or skin conditions. In general, conditioners can cause scalp irritation, so should be avoided. However, look in to certain medicated conditioners which help treat scalp problems.



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